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I Grew Up Poor, But I Act Like I’m Rich To Feel Accepted

just wow… so sad…

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­Call me privileged, sure. I go to one of “best universities in the world”, something I’m reminded of constantly especially when I leave the bubble of my college campus. I go to a school rich with social justice history, where being low-income has become a sense of pride and entitlement for those who were lucky enough to be handed admissions.

Once in a while I try to pull the “low-income” card (which I really am). However, there’s something unsound when I try to validate my socioeconomic status while flaunting my $140 chukkas just because I felt like casually wearing it that day. I enjoy a lifestyle I cannot sustain. I know this much about myself. I make careless spending choices, sure. That doesn’t mean I should feel guilty for enjoying these “luxuries”, have people privilege-shame me and assume that I come from a wealthy, upper-middle class family. Cue “Royals” please…

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