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6 Worst Things About Having Friends

C’est vrai!

Thought Catalog

1. Someone knows where you are.

There’s really no such thing as being alone anymore. Those old enough may remember the fear of stepping out of your house without any method of communication. The time between your departure and your arrival is now an ongoing story. Before cell phones, you could be struck by a derailed train and your friends might spend all day thinking you’re just a flaky ass. It was an adventurous feeling to be alone, to be without a source for contact. You could get lost meeting your friends and maybe never even find them, never communicating with them until both of you reached a landline, each of you wandering the paths of your own mind and your own streets.

2. You have to be responsible.

Friends know when you’re depressed. They know when you’re being unhealthy. They know when you’ve been wearing the same pair of…

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