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The 23 Most Amazing Feelings A Woman Can Experience

Thought Catalog

1. When another girl gives you a compliment, especially when said girl has what you perceive to be excellent taste levels, and the compliment is made about something that you worked really hard on (such as a painstaking blowout).

2. When you try on something in a size smaller (either because it’s the only one left, or you’re feeling zesty) and it actually fits. Do not feel bad if this leads you to do sexy poses and/or an endzone dance in the dressing room, as both of these are perfectly appropriate reactions.

3. Getting the very last adorable sale item, which is both perfectly your size and completely unscathed by gross makeup stains from a billion girls trying it on before you.

4. Going up to the cash register and finding out that said sale item is, in fact, more discounted than you thought it was and you are paying

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