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Is It Prejudice To Criticize Someone You Can’t Fully Understand?

interesting… i like it.

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So – do we have the right to talk about things we can’t experience?

Stephen Fry (if you don’t know who he is you should, so look him up) posted this blog after he was verbally attacked for certain comments he made regarding a certain, very specific group of Muslims.

He received a lot of heat from expressing his dislike of those who “slaughtered, [and] bombed”. I might add that this seems like a fair dislike. However, given that this came up during a conversation on religion, he made the fatal error of saying “Muslims who slaughtered, bombed”. In the context of the conversation–one that said that Richard Dawkins and those who agreed with him never dared to say a bad word against Islam–Stephen Fry chose to make things fair: negative comments were made about certain people in Christianity, so why not make fair negative comments about certain people in Islam?…

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